We want you to feel younger for longer

We believe its important to help you retain your sense of social utility and connection to the community in order for you to feel young at heart and enjoy life to the full.

The Attitude of Living Well

What makes Arvida different? It’s our people...
Our residents, who bring with them their experiences, families and friends, form strong connections with each other. It’s our team of people who feel like they‘re part of an extended family, and it’s the people from the wider communities around our villages who support what we do.
We strive to help every one of our residents stay active for longer by understanding their lives and how we can encourage and facilitate their continued engagement with what is important to them. We call this “the Arvida attitude of living well”.

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This is your home

Each of our villas, apartments, studios or rooms could be a wonderful new home for you, and we are here to help you make the right choice. We want you to bring your independence and pride with you; your character, personality, memories and stories. We want life in an Arvida retirement village to offer you a chance to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, and to share experiences and memories with others in a friendly community atmosphere.

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Personalised Care Options

Arvida villages offer you a range of lifestyle options, all able to seamlessly provide personalised home help and medical care if and when it is needed. Our staff take the time to focus on you as an individual, and we have care plans that are flexible and personalised for independent needs.  Each and every resident is a valued family member, and we are committed to offering you a personalised wellness programme and looking after your needs and wishes with dignity and respect.

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Lifestyle and Wellness

We believe remaining engaged, active and happy is the key to enjoying retirement. We offer personal coaching for health, physical and cognitive wellbeing and help with managing specific issues and ailments as well as advice on diet that can often help reduce reliance on medications.  We take the time to get to know you, and introduce each new resident to the community and to our staff.  As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to remain active. We will encourage and help you to retain a special sense of social utility and worth, and to be happy and content no matter where you are in your life journey.

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Accommodation Options

Arvida villages currently offer approximately 1,722 aged care beds and 2,281 retirement living units providing care services and accommodation to over 4,500 residents across the 32 village portfolio. As well as providing a broad range of accommodation options for residents, Arvida villages provide flexible care service plans designed to meet your personal needs.

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Village Network with Central Management

Arvida is one of the larger operators of retirement villages and aged care facilities in New Zealand. Arvida villages are located all over New Zealand, with over 4,500 residents across 32 locations.  Supported by the overall vision of the Arvida Group, each village operates independently and expresses its own character, personality and identity through its people. Arvida provides the corporate support structure behind each facility for the benefit of residents, village managers and shareholders alike.

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