The Attitude of Living Well

The Arvida Advantage.

A dozen reasons why an Arvida village is a good choice for you...

1. Integrated villages in local communities

Our villages and care centres provide a continuum of care from fully independent living to Hospital level care. In some villages we also offer specialised Dementia Care*.

Each village has a strong local identity and connection with the community. When you join an Arvida community you’ll experience a smaller ‘family feel’ village and welcoming staff. You’ll be treated as an individual and you’ll be listened to and valued. We’ll take the time to learn and understand the things that are important to you.

* Subject to availability, all existing residents have priority access to our care centres.

2. Individual wellness

To help you feel younger for longer and actively engaged in life we embrace the ‘attitude of living well’, including.

Eating well - our dietitian collaborates with on-site chefs and residents to produce tasty, visually appealing and healthy food choices prepared fresh daily.

Moving well - from Tai Chi to low impact walking we encourage you to continue engaging in your choice of movement to support mobility, balance and strength.

Resting well - we recognise the importance of rest and relaxation, and encourage individualised sleeping routines.

Thinking well - we recognise the importance of providing opportunities to engage your mind, and value what your life experiences and knowledge bring to our village.

Engaging well - we encourage engagement with family, friends and local community, and active involvement in personal interests to bring a sense of meaning and purpose.

We share an attitude of living well, which is as important for our staff at Arvida as it is for our residents.

3. A home for life

Your Occupation Right Agreement (ORA) gives you the right to live in your unit for life. Furthermore, we encourage you to make your home truly your own by personalising it with furniture, photos and personal effects. We want your home to be just the way you like it.

4. Deferred Management Fee capped

The Deferred Management Fee (DMF) is your contribution to the management of the village. At Arvida this is a maximum of 30% (of the initial entry payment) and is payable on a use now, pay later basis. For independent Villas and Apartments there is a minimum 5% fee with the 30% split over a four year DMF term. For Serviced Apartments it is a minimum 10% fee with the 30% split over a two year DMF term. If you decide to move to another unit or even another Arvida village, you only ever pay this amount once.

5. No hidden costs

We are upfront and clear about what we are responsible for, including the refurbishing, marketing and on-sale of your unit. There will be no charge for this and Arvida will also not charge you for any of our legal costs for documentation of the ORA.

6. Weekly fee fixed for life (Independent units only)

We want to provide certainty for our customers, which is why we’ve adopted a ‘fixed for life’ weekly village fee (for independent Villas and Apartments).

This base weekly fee will never change from the day you join us, so you know exactly what your outgoings will be each week.

7. Fees stop immediately - repayment peace of mind

We are focused on fairness, so we stop all weekly and Deferred Management Fees the day you permanently vacate your unit. We want to reassure you that if the on-sale of your unit is delayed for any reason, we will pay you interest on the amount to be repaid as compensation from six months after the vacation date.

8. No capital gain or loss

To provide certainty to you and your family, we assure you that you will not bear any loss if the value of your unit declines.

9. Leading natural disaster protection

If a natural disaster strikes, you can be secure in the knowledge that Arvida will provide alternative accommodation should it ever be required, so you will never be without a home. The village manager can discuss the full benefits of this assurance with you.

10. Engagement in life

Often people equate older age with loss of interest in life. We believe exactly the opposite! Because you are older doesn’t mean you need to stop doing what you’ve always enjoyed doing. Whether you love flowers, crafts, watching the rugby or baking, going to the botanical gardens, being at the beach, shopping or simply walking at the local park - if it’s important to you and you want to do it, we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.

11. Transfer with ease

If you live in one of our Villas or Apartments and your personal needs change, you can move into one of our Serviced Apartments without additional capital cost*. Should you choose to move to a more desirable home within the village, you will need to pay the capital difference between the old and new home. In addition, we guarantee you will only ever pay your Deferred Management Fee once if you decide to move to another unit, or even another Arvida village.

* A transfer policy applies, including a small 1.5% administration fee

12. 90-day “love it or your money back”

We’re confident that you’ll love the move into one of our Arvida villages. If however, between 60 and 90 days of moving into your new home, you find that you’re not happy, we will refund your money in full without a Deferred Management Fee deduction from the entry payment. We may however deduct repair costs and outstanding fees, if they apply.

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