The Board is committed to ensuring best practice governance structures and the highest ethical standards and integrity are maintained at Arvida. The Board has therefore developed a Corporate Governance Manual intended to guide the Directors and Arvida’s executives to ensure business conduct is consistent with the highest business standards. It incorporates (to the extent relevant) the NZX Listing Rules relating to corporate governance, the NZX Corporate Governance Best Practice Code Recommendations and the FMA Corporate Governance Principles and Guidelines. The Manual is intended to be read in conjunction with Arvida’s Constitution. 

The Board is responsible for providing effective oversight of Arvida’s executives, supervising and monitoring their activities and performance, with the responsibility to work to protect and enhance the value of the assets of Arvida in the interests of its shareholders. Board competencies are regularly assessed to ensure the right mix of skills and experience are available to match the needs of the business. The current skillset of the Board brings together significant experience from across a range of publicly-listed and private companies, along with extensive commercial sector and professional experience, to benefit Arvida as it pursues its integration and growth strategies. 

The Board has established an Audit and Risk Committee and Remuneration Committee, as sub-committees of the Board. Each committee has a charter that sets out its mandate. These charters can be found as two separate appendices within the Corporate Governance Manual. 

Governance documents

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