Our commitment is to challenge ourselves to make our residents’
lives better with everything we do.

Working at an Arvida village

Arvida Group is a very unique group of retirement villages and care centres.

By taking a holistic, individual-based approach to retirement living and aged care, we are creating a unique and compelling health service offering in New Zealand.

Our village teams are like families, from the manager to the gardener pruning the roses. Each individual plays a key role and takes great pride in doing their part to make a difference every day.

The Arvida attitude

We embrace the attitude of living well, not just for our residents but also for every member of our staff.

It’s been said that ‘attitude is a little thing that can make a big difference’.

So what is the attitude of living well? We believe that everyone has the right to live well for their whole lives - no matter what their age. To feel a part of things, and to feel they are a respected individual in the community they call home.

Our mission is to make our resident’s lives better with everything we do. We actively challenge outdated ideas and instead we transform lives by offering better choices to our residents...and to our staff.

We embrace what we call the Household Model of Care - where every individual resident is encouraged to enjoy living based on their own routines, have a say in what goes on and truly feel at home. So rather than taking charge of everything we’re providing opportunities for residents to support, grow, cook, bake and even help run village activities.

Likewise, our staff are empowered to make decisions and bring their own ideas and personality to their jobs. That way everyone wins – happier residents, happier families and happier and more fulfilled staff.

Our values

With diverse villages and many unique personalities on the staff, what keeps us all rowing in the same direction? We’re all guided by our Arvida values, which we all stand for...


We love what we do; our residents are our family


We are genuine and real


We act with integrity and respond fairly and consistently in all interactions.

Can do

We are empowered to get things done; we start with ‘yes’ and focus on solutions.


We constantly search for better outcomes; we challenge ‘normal’.

Nimble and Flexible

We change things when it makes sense to create great resident outcomes.

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