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Keeping our communities safe

Visiting our communities

The guidelines for visiting Arvida communities and care centres change depending on the traffic light level for the region.

Visiting Arvida communities

Tips for visitors

  • Make a booking to visit a care centre

  • Bring a face mask to wear

  • Only visit if you are well and have not been at a location of interest

  • Check with the village manager if you are not vaccinated or visiting with children under 12 years of age

  • Scan in using the Government’s COVID QR code to help with contact tracing and keeping everyone safe
  • Bring your vaccine pass and identification

Do not visit if:

  • you or anyone in your household is unwell
  • you or anyone in your household is required to self-isolate
  • you or anyone in your household has visited a location of interest within the last 10 days
  • you or anyone in your household is waiting for a COVID-19 test result or has tested positive for COVID-19

Unvaccinated visitors

It is possible to arrange a visit if a visitor is unvaccinated. Please call the village manager or clinical manager in advance of arriving to arrange a COVID-safe visit. Typically, the visit will take place in a designated area away from the care centre.