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The Arvida Advantage

As part of our commitment to you, we promise clarity about fees, transfers, ORAs and all the other details related to your relationship with us. We call this the Arvida Advantage

Making your home in an Arvida Living Well Community is a decision we want you to be really pleased with, now and for all the years to come. We are committed to helping you live a life with soul, which means enjoying all the things you love doing within a supportive community. As part of that commitment, we promise clarity about fees, transfers, ORAs and all the other details related to your relationship with us. We call this the Arvida Advantage.

A home for life

Your occupation right agreement (ORA) secures your home for as long as you choose or until you need additional care and support.

Weekly fee fixed for life

We want to provide you with certainty, which is why we have adopted a ‘fixed for life’ weekly fee (for independent villas and apartments). This weekly fee will not increase from the day you join us. This means that, from the day you move into your new home, you will know exactly what your outgoings will be each week regardless of any changes to the operating costs of the retirement community.

Deferred Management Fee capped

The deferred management fee (DMF) is your contribution to the refurbishment and management of the retirement community in which you live. This is capped to a maximum of 30% of the entry payment for your home and is not payable until you vacate. If you transfer to a care suite, a further DMF is payable, talk to our team for full details.

Transfer with ease

If you live in one of our independent villas or apartments and your personal needs change and you wish to transfer from independent to

assisted living, you can move without additional capital cost and only a 1.5% administration fee.

If you wish to transfer to a care suite, you can move with or without additional capital cost (depending on your choice of unit) and no administration fee is payable.

Should you choose to move to a more desirable home within an Arvida retirement community, you can. However, you will need to pay any capital difference.

Priority access to care

If you need care, you will have priority access to an Arvida care centre. Some of our retirement communities have a premium care suite offering that provide up to hospital level care. As an existing resident of an Arvida retirement community, you will be able to transfer to a care suite at a lower 15% deferred management fee.

No hidden costs

We are upfront and clear about what costs you are responsible for when you move into an Arvida retirement community or when you leave your unit. We will not charge you for refurbishing (except where there is more than fair wear and tear to your unit), sales, marketing and on-sale of your unit and we will also not charge you for any of our legal costs for documentation of the occupation right agreement.

Fees stop immediately

The weekly fee and the deferred management fee stop the day you permanently vacate your home.

Repayment protection

We will pay you interest on the capital sum to be repaid from your unit if after six months it has not on-sold.

No capital loss

The amount repaid to you when the unit is on-sold will not be affected by a decline in the value of your unit.

Leading natural disaster protection

If a natural disaster strikes, we will provide you with alternative accommodation should it ever be required, so you will never be without a home.

90-day ‘love it or your money back’

We are confident that you will be very happy with your choice to move into an Arvida retirement community.

However if, within 90 days of moving into your new home, you find that you’re not happy we will refund your occupancy advance in full (conditions apply). This is our 90-day money-back guarantee.

Terms and conditions of the Arvida Advantage can be found in your occupation right agreement.


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