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LTI Plan Vesting

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LTI Plan Vesting

Arvida Group Limited advises that the 2018 Tranche of its long-term incentive (‘LTI’) plan has vested. The 2018 Tranche of the plan covered the three-year period from 1 April 2018 to 22 June 2021. The methodology compares Total Shareholder Return (‘TSR’) performance to a listed retirement village and care peer group and an NZX50 group. Details of the LTI plan are contained within the annual report.

In the 2018 Tranche, Arvida’s TSR was second out of the four companies in the peer group and 14th out of 44 companies in the NZX50 group. The overall result was that 72% of the 2018 Tranche entitlement vested into ordinary shares.

As such, 301,350 ordinary shares were issued yesterday.

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