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If you love living independently, but need some assistance around the place to stay healthy and safe, Arvida Good Friends is ready to lend a hand with all kinds of skilled helpers.

Using a combination of human expertise and smartphone app convenience, Arvida Good Friends makes everyday life easier with a choice of services. The people who call in to help you will be the same every time and we’ll match them to your personality and preferences, so you’ll feel comfortable right from the start.

Arvida Good Friends is currently only operating in Christchurch. Other areas of New Zealand will follow.

Good Friends app

How Arvida Good Friends can help

Personalised home care and help that revolves around you, delivered in a way that feels friendly, focused and tailored to your needs.

That’s the idea behind Arvida Good Friends, the one-of-a-kind helper network that supports independent living.

Here's what you get:

Another Arvida innovation

The Arvida Good Friends app makes it easy to manage your home helpers.


Care workers




Years of service
  • Your schedule of helpers is at your fingertips. It’s easy to see who’s coming and when, so you can plan your day.
  • You’ll know who’s knocking at the door. Your app will notify you when a helper has arrived.
  • You can easily manage your budget. You can view your expenditure and see exactly what you’re being billed for.
  • You can see important health data. If you’re receiving personal care or nursing services, your helper will gather health data that can be viewed on the app. This is handy for you, your family and your Doctor.


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