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Life with soul

We’re transforming the ageing experience, so that you can live your best life every step of the way.

I'm hardly what you'd call a radical...

“I’ve always made my own choices, had my own opinions and pursued my own passions. I think that’s what makes me me. I don’t see why my age should change that. I’m certainly not going to be pigeon-holed into somebody’s view of how I should live.”

What if moving into a 65+ community wasn’t like being put in a box where you’re told how to live? What if you could take everything you love about your life now and bring it with you? What if you could lose the tasks you don’t enjoy, like house cleaning and lawn mowing, and replace them with purposeful activities that keep you connected to the community? And what if you had a team of fans and friends cheering you on, helping you to stay unique and be the best version of yourself?

This is what Arvida calls ‘living a life with soul’. It’s about staying true to yourself and rejecting outdated expectations of how older people should behave. It’s also about providing multiple opportunities to grow who you are, because finally you have more time to be creative, learn new things, help out good causes and interact with other people.

Bill McDonald, CEO of Arvida, puts it like this: “It’s to do with being part of the broader community, having opportunities for meaningful contributions to other people’s lives and starting each day with a sense of purpose. I believe being connected is number one.”

If this sounds like you, send an email to request further information or call us today on 0800 330 003 for a chat.

Arvida has reinvented the wheel of retirement living with ground-breaking new communities that are designed to support a more fulfilling life. A great example is Park Lane Living Well Apartments in Christchurch, which demonstrates thinking that has turned the aged care sector on its head.

This community has several innovative features:

  • an integrated connection with the neighbourhood through facilities, such as a wellness centre and cafe
  • opportunities for residents to be involved with running the community
  • spaces that can be used for resident-operated pursuits, such as exhibitions, markets, shops and clubs
  • gardens and orchards that are tended by residents

Park Lane is an urban experience, with a daily communal breakfast buffet, free electric cars, solar power and eye-catching architecture. The wellness centre will incorporate a gym, heated pool, fitness classes and premises for health-related providers, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists.

Because the wellness centre will be shared with the neighbourhood, friends and family can use them as well. Older people living independently nearby can also become members, opening the door for new friendships and improved social connection.

If this sounds like you, send an email to request further information or call us today on 0800 330 003 for a chat.

Living Well Apartments

60 – 143sqm

Living Well apartments are a new Arvida concept for retirement living. Available with one, two or three bedrooms, they are designed to embrace sustainable thinking and social benefits of living in an integrated community.

Common areas include a café, bar, dining area, communal lounge, gas fire, creative room for crafts and an entertaining lounge and cinema. A library with computers and broadband is also available for everyone.


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