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No year is too long with good company

If 2020 has reminded you that staying connected is really important, we have communities that can turn things around, whether you’re fully independent or need a bit of everyday help.

This highly unusual year is shining a light on the power of community. It’s a lot easier to stay positive when you have people around you to talk things through with and share a laugh. If you’re over 65 and want to revitalise your life, joining an Arvida community could be the change of direction you need.


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Join a community and pretty soon it feels like family

"I didn’t expect the Aria Bay community to feel like a family, but it does - everyone is so caring. It’s wonderful to know that if something goes wrong, I don’t have to worry about who to call.

Staying connected with people is a human need that’s just as essential as food and water. Bill McDonald, CEO of Arvida, puts it like this: “As we age, staying connected – or becoming more connected - is critical for healthy living. It’s to do with making positive contributions to other people’s lives and letting them contribute to yours."

When you’re part of a community, your life gets bigger

All around the North Island there are thriving Arvida Living Well communities where people have worked together to overcome the challenges of living in a pandemic. During periods of lockdown, our residents have enjoyed the company of friends, excellent recreational facilities and plenty of scope for pursuing their creativity.

In every community, our residents have been supported by an amazing team of helpers who have shown them how to use Zoom for family catch-ups, YouTube for virtual travel and Les Mills online for daily exercise. We’ve organised cooking, art, dancing and karaoke sessions, all in the name of keeping spirits up during lockdown.

Research shows that about half of older New Zealanders experience some level of loneliness in their lives, compared to approximately 9% of the rest of the population. In terms of health impact, not getting enough social connection is likened to smoking 15 cigarettes a day - Read the research here.

Below you’ll see a range of Arvida communities around the North Island. Each one is a little different, but they all share a commitment to ‘living a life with soul’. Within these communities you can stay true to yourself, while also exploring opportunities to grow who you are.

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