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Living a life with soul

We’re transforming the ageing experience, so that you can live your best life every step of the way.

We’re doing things differently

Our mission is to improve the lives of New Zealandersby transforming the ageing experience.

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Living a fulfilling life.

Our purpose is to help New Zealanders live a truly fulfilling life as they age.

Living a fulfilling life is a goal that applies to everyone, but if you’re older it’s not always easy . Too often you’re required to fit into a pattern of living that dictates what you do and when you do it, irrespective of your preferences and personality.

We’re making it easier for you to live by your own rules, even if you need a high level of care and support. Our way of working ensures you’re always free to be yourself and have meaningful connections to the people, community and activities you love.

We call this ‘living a life with soul’.

Living a life with soul means living the best life you possibly can. It’s a philosophy that embraces a holistic view of physical, mental and spiritual health ‐ mind, body, heart and soul.

Living with Arvida

We have 32 retirement communities throughout New Zealand, with a range of living options to meet your needs.

Community is at the heart of Arvida.

We call our residential properties communities, rather than retirement villages, because they’re designed to encourage and support full interaction with the neighbourhoods and people around them.

Our newest communities include facilities that can also be enjoyed by members of the public. We want our residents to stay actively engaged with the broader community, as well as others who are at a similar stage of life. Our approach to everyday life is inclusive, rather than exclusive.

Trying to decide about full‐time care options?

Use our step‐by‐step guide to identify the right sort of long term residential aged care for you or a family member.

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Access our support and care service in your own home

Get home helpers who feel like family with our Good Friends service.

Good Friends is a new personal care, nursing and home helper service for New Zealanders who need help to live independently.

Our help and care services are delivered in a way that feels respectful, focused and tailored to your needs. That's the idea behind Good Friends, the one‐of‐a‐kind helper network that supports happy, healthy independent living.

Good Friends home help makes it easy to organise personalised, friendly care services that revolve around you. Our mobile app makes it easy.

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