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At Arvida we recognise that the choices we make can have a profound effect on New Zealand’s environment, society and economy. We are committed to making good choices that will have a positive impact and support a more sustainable future for New Zealand.

We have embedded sustainability into our business strategy. Our sustainability framework sits underneath our four strategic pillars: Growing Well, Engaging Well, Living Well, and Nurturing Well.

Climate Related Disclosure Report

We published a Climate Related Disclosures Report in line with the recommendations from the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) as part of our Annual Report.

Download CRD Report

Climate change

We are taking action on climate change by reducing our carbon footprint.

Arvida is responding to the challenge of climate change by committing to reduce our emissions, and mitigating and adapting against our exposure to climate-related risks. This year we released our first Climate Related Disclosures Report. It sets out the key physical and transition risks and opportunities we have identified and how we are adjusting to them.

CRD Report

Emission Summary

Our carbon footprint

Our greenhouse gas emissions are independently audited by Toitū Envirocare annually.

Electricity and natural gas are our biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, together making up about 73% of our emissions. We have several initiatives (outlined on page 52 of our Annual Report to help us identify, understand and reduce these emissions.

Emissions from waste are a significant source of emissions for us, making up around 13% of our carbon footprint. We are actively identifying opportunities to reduce waste in our communities.

Tracking towards net zero

Year on year, we saw a 2.2% decrease in our gross emissions. The reduction was mainly a result of reduced business travel during the COVID pandemic.

Our gross target is to achieve net zero emissions by 2030.

Measuring our progress

On an intensity basis, our emissions reduced by 8.2% during the 2021 financial year.

Emissions Reduction Targets:

  • 20% reduction by 2025 on an intensity basis
  • 50% reduction by 2030 on an intensity basis

We are developing an emissions reduction pathway to meet our emissions targets. Several projects are feeding into this work, including an analysis of all our gas assets, the business case to replace gas with low carbon alternatives, and an LED and solar rollout across suitable sites. Further details are set out on page 52 of our Annual Report.