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We are doing
things differently

Our mission is to improve the lives of New Zealanders by transforming the ageing experience.

When your home is within an Arvida community, we make sure your life is still yours. Your tastes and preferences, your way of doing things, your friends and family, and your passions and special interests.

Living a life with soul.

Wake up with a song in your heart and a purpose for your day. It’s not too much to ask.

Living a fulfilling life is a goal that applies to everyone, but if you’re older it’s not always easy. Too often you’re required to fit into a pattern of living that dictates what you do and when you do it, irrespective of your preferences and personality.

We’re making it easier for you to live by your own rules, even if you need a high level of care and support. Our approach to aged care ensures you’re always free to be yourself and have meaningful connections to the people, community and activities you love.

We call this ‘living a life with soul’.

Living a life with soul means living the best life you possibly can. It’s a philosophy that embraces a holistic view of physical, mental and spiritual health – mind, body, heart and soul:

Who we are

For the people who work at Arvida, living a life with soul means always looking for ways to improve residents’ lives and not being afraid to break free from historical, clinically-based, institution-style rules. It’s about putting people first and finding better ways to do things.

The Arvida team put their heart and soul into the wellbeing of our residents; internally, we call this commitment the ‘Attitude of Living Well’.

On a daily basis we bring this attitude to life through the five pillars of living well – eating, moving, resting, thinking and engaging well.

What we do

To make ‘living a life of soul’ a reality for our residents, we put ourselves in their shoes. We know that empathy is the key to understanding what each individual needs to have a fulfilling, meaningful life. There’s a lot of chatting involved, because communication is the backbone of contemporary care.

If you choose to live within an Arvida community, our mission is to support you in your home and help you to live your best life, rather than have you feel like you’re living in ours. Your decisions will be respected and your point of view will be heard. At the same time, you’ll always have access to new ideas and expert advice if you need them.

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