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A skydive at 90!

A skydive at 90!

In true ‘Live The Age You Feel’ style, Arvida Knightsbridge resident Ian Robinson tandem skydived out of a plane from 18,000ft (5486 metres) to mark his 90th Birthday.

Blue sky and light winds were perfect conditions as Ian prepared by weighing in and watching the safety briefing video. Alongside him were his two grandsons, Hayden and Cameron Staveley, jumping along with him.

While Cameron had jumped before, it was Hayden’s first time and both agreed there was a few nerves between them but when their Grandad asked - they ‘jumped’ at the chance.

“He’s pretty lively for his age and we’re proud of him for doing this,” Cameron says.

Once suited up the trio made their way to the plane with their instructors and Ian was showing no signs of nerves.

“I’m doing this because I want to do it,” he says.

Doing the jump for the Heart Foundation, Ian raised more than $2,000 with the support of his Knightsbridge community who organised lots of activities to raise money. You can read more of Ian's story here.

As family and his Arvida Knightsbridge Living Well Community neighbours cheered him on, they all began to look to the skies and wait to hear that the plane had reached 18,000ft. Crouched in the safety position, Ian quickly jumped first and Hayden says it was a pretty intense experience for the guys.

“It was great and exhilarating. The first three seconds is like a wild moment and then you’re out there.”

As Ian made a safe and graceful landing, still wearing his signature dark glasses and red fundraising t-shirt, he reflected on his significant achievement.

“The strong wind in my face didn’t appeal to me during the freefall but it was definitely an experience. Would I do it again? No I think once is enough.”

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