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Climate scenarios provide insight into future healthcare in New Zealand

Climate scenarios provide insight into future healthcare in New Zealand

Leading health sector experts have released a report that includes three important climate change scenarios.

They give critical insight into the potential impacts of climate change on population health, and on healthcare service delivery.

The climate scenarios are focused on illuminating potential impacts on population health and wellbeing from potential changes to political, technological and behavioural issues that may occur as New Zealand and the world attempt to limit global temperatures and transition to a low carbon economy. The report also outlines the risks and opportunities of climate change such as sea level rise, extreme weather and temperature rises and the implications for health services.

In a discussion event to launch the report, Arvida Head of Sustainability & Compliance and Chair of the Technical Working Group, Arveen Horsefield encouraged the entire New Zealand health sector to take note of the report findings.

“We will be using these scenarios to help us consider the potential impacts of climate change and test the resilience of our business strategy by thinking about how Arvida might be impacted if these scenarios were to play out. Arvida is proud to have been a principal partner involved in assembling and organising this group of health experts involved in collaborating to develop these sector scenarios. The report allows the sector to take a consistent approach when working through strategy, planning and reporting activities.”

You can find the report here.