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Harmony and laughter as Peninsula Singers sing on

Harmony and laughter as Peninsula Singers sing on

When asked if Sandi Crawford, organiser of the Peninsula Singers group, sings well she replied “Oh God no, I’m tone deaf”.

That hasn’t stopped the Arvida Peninsula Club resident leading the singing group and accompanying them on the piano for nine years.

The group of 24 resident singers (ranging in ages from 69 to 91) practice every Thursday and rehearse for their four performances in the village and more around Orewa each year.

Sandi stresses the group is not a choir but made up of men and women from the Stanmore Bay community who just enjoy singing.

“Some people can sing, some people can’t but it doesn’t matter. Our voices all blend in together very nicely.”

The group have covered 50s rock and roll, broadway tunes and Anzac events that feature wartime favourites. Sandi said the group bring lots of joy to the other villages they visit and believes there’s two reasons why the group has been around for so long.

“Singing is very good for people with memory problems because remembering lyrics is the last thing to go. Also companionship, having a laugh and being together is so important. We like to have fun and I tell the singers to give it some razzle dazzle and really go for it when they sing.”