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Not many bumps in the road for volunteer driver

Not many bumps in the road for volunteer driver

After a year of volunteering at Arvida Village at the Park, Andrew Harcourt recalls how he became the casual van driver - “my wife volunteered me!”

Along with keeping a ‘peaceful domestic situation’ as he puts it, Andrew really enjoys helping others through volunteering. Having completed all the van safety checks, he gives a few hours a couple of times per month to drive residents on local outings around the region.

“I park the van in the entrance way, help load everyone in and just make sure we don’t go over too many bumps.”

The Arvida Wellness Leader emails Andrew with suggested dates and he replies with what days he’s available to do for the coming month.

Known as the ‘nice guy’ around the Wellington Living Well Community, Andrew is always accompanied by a Wellness Partner and takes the residents to all sorts of places – from beach visits to Government House and even the odd stop for an ice cream at a cafe.

With his own mother in a nearby village, Andrew understands the importance of a community to engage with and a regular change of scene for older people.

Now in National Volunteer Week, the retired Karori local believes in treating residents with respect and says he never dwells on any health issues they might be experiencing.

“I just enjoy volunteering, it’s just nice doing something for somebody else. Making someone else’s life a bit rosier.”

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