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Puzzling people – Finding fun in jigsaws

Puzzling people – Finding fun in jigsaws

Arvida Ilam community residents, Ruby Roberts and Rod Syme enjoy puzzling.

They met six months ago, when Rod moved in and saw Ruby working on a jigsaw in their community lounge area. He decided to join her and now they often work as a team on jigsaws.

Ruby explains they both look for the 1,000 piece puzzles and enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of fitting the pieces together.

“Rod mostly stands up to do the puzzles and so I leave the top pieces for him to do,” says Ruby.

While Ruby’s completed a few puzzles in her time, Rod remembers a particularly challenging large puzzle he completed. “It was called 'Polar Bears on Ice', which had a lot of white pieces and it took me a good couple of months to finish.”

Ruby recalls a recent tough puzzle they did, depicting the Tower of London, where the colours were very similar and hard to tell apart.

As residents of the Christchurch Living Well Community, they also like the convenience and comfort of both living in serviced apartments.

A resident can tailor a package to suit them when living in a serviced apartment- from cleaning to meals and laundry services.

Ruby says, "I have my breakfast brought to me and I prefer to do my own laundry. The team here make my bed and change the sheets on a Friday and give my apartment a good clean. On other days they come in and take the rubbish away."

Rod agrees and likes having the opportunity to choose his evening meal from the menu every week, "Wednesdays and Sundays there's a nice roast meal,” he explains.

Now that Ruby and Rod are in Ilam serviced apartments, they’ve found they have more time for themselves and that means more time for puzzling.

You can find out more information on serviced apartments at Arvida Ilam community here.

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