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Relief for daughter as mum is well cared for - “We’re pleased that she’s happy here”

Relief for daughter as mum is well cared for - “We’re pleased that she’s happy here”

It doesn’t take long to see the special bond between mum and daughter as Jenny Fraser visits her mum, Robin Caulton in her Lauriston Park Care Suite in Cambridge.

After a happy childhood of being well cared for by her mother, Jenny was committed to finding the best place for her mum when Robin needed more support after living in her villa for eleven years.

Growing up on a busy 1,100 acre farm in Rewarewa, Jenny says she and her four siblings were expected to pitch in to help while Robin would do the home cooking.

“Mum’s a very honest, supportive person and she’s been that reliable force in all of our lives. She was very strict with manners and respect to others and Church was a must on Sundays. Homemade matching dresses come to mind and the traditional Sunday roast.”

Robin says it was busy running a household of five children, but she says Jenny was happiest when she was outdoors.

“She certainly wasn’t an inside girl, she much preferred being outside on the farm and on a horse with her father.”

Jenny explains that the children would find a note after school saying to peel the vegetables for dinner and saddle the horses. The children would ride their horses until they heard their father whistling to the dogs and see their mum driving the Ute on the farm.

After a full and rich life with her passions of sailing and tennis, Robin’s days are a little quieter now where she’s surrounded by her resident friends. She continues to keep an eye on sport by regularly watching her grandson's playing rugby and rowing.

Jenny has worked for Arvida for 15 years and is now the Village Manager of the brand-new Whai Mauri Ora in Te Awamutu. When it came to the decision of Robin’s care, she put her trust in the Lauriston team.

“The team here have the same understanding as me around creating the Attitude of Living Well wellness approach for residents. It was a natural progression for mum to move into a Care Suite and we’re pleased that she’s happy here,” Jenny explains.

You can find out more about the Care Suite opportunities at Lauriston Park in Cambridge here.

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