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Support can be as simple as a friendly chat

Support can be as simple as a friendly chat

Checking a resident’s wellness can sometimes be as simple as having a chat according to Arvida Peninsula Club Wellness Leader, Helena Cameron.

“They like to pop in regularly and it’s more about listening to residents and being there for them.”

From blood pressure checks to basic first aid, Helena supports the residents living independently at the Stanmore Bay retirement community.

She explains her support can also extend to making a call to the GP for an appointment time if the resident is hard of hearing or has low vision.

Helena says more than 150 Arvida Peninsula Club residents recently received the influenza vaccination so they’re best prepared for the winter chills.

“It’s important to continue to keep up activities like bowls, and regular walks during the colder months to keep staying active. Simply going outside for 15 minutes a day can improve every aspect of life, from mood and energy levels to health and wellbeing.”

After 15 years working at Arvida Peninsula Club, beginning as the village emergency overnight response, Helena says it’s the residents that often brighten her day.

“I just love the people here, they really are my people.”

Peninsula Club in Stanmore Bay has a few homes available, please contact Lisa on 021 371 826

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