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Vege village proves popular

Vege village proves popular

From silverbeet to carrots, cucumbers to potatoes – it’s all fresh and it’s all coming out of the community gardens at Arvida Queenstown Country Club.

The bumper crop has been a real benefit to residents as the fresh veg is coming thick and fast every week.

The community gardens are tended to by a dedicated team of resident ‘green-fingered’ gardeners who charge a small fee for the vegetables so they can fund the garden upkeep and next crop.

Arvida Queenstown Country Club resident, Erina McLean says she looks forward to the selection laid out by the gardeners in the Clubhouse.

“There’s nothing better than straight from the garden and this is very fresh produce. It’s all delicious.”

It hasn’t just been the vegetables that have ripened to perfection, the raspberries have also had a good showing and have been snapped up by residents for their breakfasts, desserts and smoothies.

The community garden has proven so popular that they’ve had to put a three item limit on the veges for each resident, so there’s enough for the whole 170-strong community.

Village Manager, Maurice David says the huge vegetable haul is quite the achievement for the residents.

“The gardeners really do love gardening as a pastime, and some had large gardens to look after over the years. We always encourage them to keep involved in their interests.”