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Our Facilities

The facilities available within each community vary, but typically cover a wide range of social, fitness, sports, reading and hobby pursuits

There will be multiple spaces and places to enjoy doing the things you love, as well as opportunities to find new passions. Here are some examples of facilities you can look forward to:

BBQ/entertaining area

Our communities embrace the great Kiwi tradition of eating outdoors. During the warmer months, Arvida communities love to gather around the communal barbecue for a bit of classic Kiwi cuisine. It’s a great way to catch up with friends and get some fresh air.

Bowling green

Outdoor bowling greens are a feature of many Arvida communities. You don’t have to be an experienced bowler to give it your best shot. Almost anyone can play bowls, a game famous for its competitive camaraderie.


An on-site café is a community hub for catching up with friends and enjoying a treat.

Many of our newer communities have a café. We actively encourage interested residents to get involved and help the café operators.

Resident clubhouse/community centre

We believe there should always something going on to keep your brain and body fit.

New Arvida communities are revolutionising retirement living with the concept of a central hub for socialising, events and keeping fit.

Vegetable gardens

It’s great to get your hands dirty and grow some of your own food. Raised vegetable gardens are an opportunity to collaborate with other gardeners in your Arvida community. Together, you’ll grow great things.

Hobby room

Hobby rooms are special spaces for pursuing art, crafts and other hands-on fun.

All Arvida communities have rooms for creative fun and discovery. We ask our residents what they want to do, then help to make it happen.


Our books, your books, everybody’s books! There’s more to an Arvida library than a selection of big-print books. Our libraries collect all kinds of reading material, based on whatever our residents want to read.

TV lounge

When you’d rather watch TV with friends, our communities have TV lounges for a shared viewing experience. Bring your own snacks!

Movie room/cinema

If there’s a purpose-built movie room or cinema at your Arvida community, you can enjoy a full-on movie experience without leaving home – and without having to pay for tickets! Find out what your friends want to see and ask our people to make it happen.

Gym/exercise equipment

At an Arvida Living Well Community it’s easy to build healthy new habits by making the most of our gym gear. Part of healthy ageing is maintaining muscle mass and cardio fitness. It’s so much easier when you have qualified instructors and specialised equipment.

Shared gardens

Your passion for gardening can help us to care for the landscape at your Arvida community. While we have professional gardeners to ensure our outdoor spaces are always beautiful, we love it when residents want to get involved with tasks like planting flower beds and pruning shrubs.

Van outings

Go shopping, have a picnic, visit a gallery or go for a scenic drive. Every Arvida Living Well community has a van for outings. Some excursions are for shopping; others are just for fun.

Hair/beauty salon

At an Arvida community it’s easy to look after your self-esteem, so you’ll always feel your best. We believe you deserve to have a good hair day every day – it’s part of our ‘living a life with soul’ approach to retirement living. Some communities also have a beauty therapist


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