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The 30-day resting well challenge

When you sleep well, you’re better at thinking, learning, reacting and getting along with others.

Rest and sleep are vital for well-being and good health at every stage of life. Relaxation and sleep help to protect your mental and physical health, as well as your safety and quality of life. When you sleep well, you’re better at thinking, learning, reacting and getting along with others.

Here are 30 resting well activities to help you unwind and relax, in preparation for a great night’s sleep. You can start on the first of the month or any other day and just cross them off to keep track. Change the order if you want to; just be sure to complete every activity over the next 30 days if you can, including the ones that feel a bit challenging.

Resting well daily activities

1.Commit to going to bed at the same time each day.

2.Treat yourself to a sleep in and stay in bed 15 minutes longer today.

3.Avoid any caffeine drinks (coffee, ordinary tea, green tea, energy drinks, Cola etc.) after midday today.

4.Turn the TV off one hour before bedtime tonight.

5.Sit and do some birdwatching outside.

6.Develop a relaxing bedtime ritual, such as listening to gentle music or lighting a scented candle (be sure it’s in a safe container and away from anything flammable in case you nod off while it’s still burning).

7.Journal your thoughts and feelings about the day before going to sleep.

8.Put some lavender under your pillow before sleeping.

9.Give yourself or someone in your bubble a hand massage.

10.Spend the day in your pyjamas or comfiest clothes.

11.Have a camomile or other caffeine-free herbal tea before going to bed.

12.Begin the day with a 10-minute meditation – sit still, clear your mind and focus on slow breathing.

13.Soak your feet in warm water before sleeping.

14.Put all technology away one hour before bedtime tonight.

15.Watch a movie.

16.Carry out two minutes of slow deep breathing before each meal today.

17.Do some adult colouring in.

18.Sit outside and watch the clouds and sky for 10 minutes today.

19.Listen to a piece of music without doing anything else.

20.If you find yourself rushing today try to slow down.

21.Place fresh linen on your bed and plump your pillows before sleeping.

22.Find a sunny spot in your home and soak in the warmth for 30 minutes.

23.Have a device free day.

24.Do a full body stretch first thing today, by working through all the stretching exercise you know.

25.Stay fully present when drinking your cup of tea or coffee. Notice the taste, warmth and smell.

26.Go outside and notice five things that are beautiful.

27.Do a body scan when you’re in bed, before sleeping. Tense and release your muscles one-by-one.

28.Pick a flower and notice what it smells, looks and feels like.

29.Listen to a guided relaxation, you can search for an online video or download a free guided relaxation app for your mobile phone.

30.Give yourself a head massage; this could be while washing your hair.


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