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The Attitude of Living Well

Within Arvida we are bringing our purpose to life by changing both the way we work and the way we develop aged care services. We don’t believe our residential facilities should be referred to as rest homes or retirement villages. We see them as communities or, more precisely, Living Well Communities.

A sense of community is at the core of Arvida. We are gradually updating the way our properties operate by opening up new facilities shared not only by our residents but also the people from the communities around us. People from across the community can come in and enjoy our services and become part of a broader network with others at a similar stage of life. We are also starting to offer in-home services for people who prefer to remain in their own home, but need some support to make sure they are living their best life.

At Arvida we are breaking some of the traditional rules and models around how to provide care for older people. We fundamentally believe we are here to support residents in their home, rather than have them feel like they are living in ours. This means they live the life they want to live. Residents wake up when they want, eat when they want, shower when they want and see who they want. This is their life and we are here to make it happen by providing the best support we possibly can.


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