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Our Fees

We believe in both transparency and fairness in our Fees. Read more about how these work

1/ Securing a villa, apartment or serviced apartment

You can secure your dwelling by paying a fully refundable $2,000 deposit. This deposit is held by the Statutory Supervisor until you settle the full amount. During that time it will accrue interest for you.

You pay your deposit when you sign the application form. It is refundable at any time prior to settlement or possession date. Any interest earned will be paid if a refund is given.

2/ The Deferred Management Fee

The Deferred Management Fee (DMF) contributes to the ongoing services and the management, maintenance and development of the community including:

·All the infrastructure and development of the community to date

·All ongoing property maintenance costs

·Drainage, roading, footpaths, street lighting and grounds

·Recreational and other community facilities

·Any repairs or upgrades to communal infrastructure

·Ensuring the business operates sustainably.

The DMF applies to your first four years in the village if you live in a villa or independent apartment, or the first two years if you live in a serviced apartment.

In all cases the maximum you will be charged is 30% of the entry price. The minimum you will be charged is 10% for serviced apartments or 5% for villas and independent apartments.

The DMF accrues against the entry payment and is deducted when you leave the village. When the right to occupy your dwelling has been resold, you or your estate receive the original entry payment you made, less the DMF and any other charges due.

3/ The weekly village fee

We have a weekly village fee that contributes to the ongoing operation of each village community. In the case of care packages, this is included in the package cost. For more details, talk to the sales manager of the village you’re interested in.


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