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Ongoing Disclosure Notices

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Ongoing Disclosure Notices

Please see attached ongoing Disclosure Notices for the Directors and Senior Managers.


Latest NZX releases

  • 15 Jul 2022

    Arvida Group Limited is pleased to release an Investor Presentation that will be presented in a series of meetings with ...

  • 08 Jul 2022

    Please see attached Ongoing Disclosure Notices for Jeremy Nicoll and Mark Wells of Arvida Group Limited. -ENDS-

  • 06 Jul 2022

    Arvida Group Limited advises that the 2019 Tranche of its long-term incentive (‘LTI’) plan has vested. The 2019 Tranche...

  • 01 Jul 2022

    At Arvida Group Limited’s Annual Meeting, shareholders were asked to vote on three ordinary resolutions, which were supp...

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