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Scooting around town for the Oakwood Outlaws

Scooting around town for the Oakwood Outlaws

Mike Rodwell is a resident at Arvida Oakwoods in Richmond and drives one of about 40 mobility scooters at the village which has a club called the ‘Oakwood Outlaws’.

Article courtesy of reporter Anne Hardie from Waimea Weekly.

Now he’s starting a club for mobility scooter drivers in the wider community, called the ‘Rolling Bones’, for social drives, as well as advocacy, support and education about scooter etiquette.

“In the last few months, I’ve noticed a greater interest in scooters and see the enjoyment they bring to the people who own them,” Mike says. “We whizz around on them – it’s a bit like owning a bicycle with fresh air on your face.”

Mike is concerned about mobility scooters going too fast in some areas though and he wants more rules to slow them down on pavements for the safety of other community members.

“There needs to be a discussion on it because some of the scooters go too fast and it’s an occupied footpath. Some scooters only do 10kmh but some you can buy online go up to 20kmh or more and it’s too fast.”

Along with fellow drivers, Mike has created 5kmh speed signs to take to the next Tasman District Council meeting for the central business district.

He also wants to educate mobility scooter drivers to drive further out on pavements in the town centre so they do not collide with people stepping out of doorways.

Mike has had his mobility scooter for about a year and says it has been a game changer that has given him freedom to roam again.

Explore the lifestyle opportunities at Arvida Oakwoods in Richmond - home of the Oakwood Outlaws, who always welcome new members.